Assessing the impact of environmental campaigns

GRITTEN D, KANT P. 2007. Assessing the impact of environmental campaigns against the activities of a pulp and paper company in Indonesia. International Forestry Review 9(4):819-834.

Deforestation in Indonesia and links with the pulp and paper industry has led environmental groups to campaign against the industry's practices. This paper focuses on two environmental campaigns against the activities of an Asian pulp and paper company that were widely perceived to be having a strongly detrimental effect on the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia. The analysis is based on interviews and questionnaires of those involved in the campaigns, as well as a review of related published and unpublished documents. The results show that the target company has become more sustainable since the campaigns started, though is still failing on certain issues. These findings are supported by some Environmental Non-Government Organisations (ENGOs), although others strongly believe that the company has made no progress at all and is still involved in illegal and unsustainable practices. Despite the increased awareness of the implications and destructiveness of deforestation in Indonesia, and the increasingly dynamic role taken by international ENGOs to halt the forest loss, deforestation continues apace.


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