Bionergy could cover 20 percent of the global energy needs

One of the leading newspapers of Finland, Karjalainen refers (Nov. 19, page 12) to the studies of the Technology Research Centre of Finland according to which even 20 percent of the global energy consumption could be covered with bioenergy. The article is discussing about the new challenges of forest sector and presents bioenergy as one of the key alternatives in the future. The research indicates that biomass/dendromass could have a significant role in the future energy mix.

Energy Dendromass Corridor has presented similar predictions and has put emphasis on the fact that opportunities to utilize biomass are greatly varying in different countries and in different regions in the world. The calculations are mainly based on the resources of to-day. However, in the improved scenarios we should be able to take into account better the opportunities of technological, social and systeemic innovations for future land use. Education and training which are taking the very first steps even in many industrialized countries would lead to needed innovations and to better understanding and acceptance of dendromass energy.


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