Two new articles about forest growth estimation in Finland

Our two new articles are now published online in Forest Ecology and Management.

The first one is about testing of traditional empirical growth models with large national forest inventory (NFI) data set with the SIMO simulation framework "Härkönen, S., Mäkinen, A., Tokola, T., Rasinmäki, J., Kalliovirta, J. Evaluation of forest growth simulators with NFI permanent sample plot data from Finland". The tested simulators included the same tree-level models that are currently used e.g. in MELA and MOTTI. The other tested simulators consisted of stand-level models and combination of tree- and stand-level ones.

The second one is "Härkönen, S., Pulkkinen, M., Duursma, R. and Mäkelä, A. Estimating annual GPP, NPP and stem growth in Finland using summary models", where a new process-based summary approach for forest growth estimation is tested with Finnish NFI data. As the approach proved to be a promising one, there will be further development and studies coming up related to this issue!


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