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International SCI journals

RÖSER D, MOLA-YUDEGO B, PRINZ R, EMER B, SIKANEN L. 2012. Chipping operations and efficiency in different operational environments. Silva Fennica 46(2): 275–286.[PDF]
FABRA-CRESPO M, MOLA-YUDEGO B, GRITTEN D, ROJAS-BRIALES E. 2012. Public perception on forestry issues in the Region of Valencia (Eastern Spain): diverging from policy makers? Forest systems. 21(1):99-110.[PDF]
SELKIMÄKI M, MOLA-YUDEGO B. 2010. Estimating and modelling the resistance of nature to path erosion in Koli National Park, Finland. Boreal Environment Research 16(1): 218-228. [PDF]
MOLA-YUDEGO, B. 2010. Regional potential yields of short rotation willow plantations on agricultural land in Northern Europe. Silva Fennica 44(1):63–76.[PDF]
MOLA-YUDEGO B. 2010. Trends and productivity improvements from commercial willow plantations in Sweden during the period 1986-2000. Biomass and Bioenergy 35(1): 446–453.[pre-print]
MOLA-YUDEGO B, GONZÁLEZ OLABARRIA J. 2010. Mapping the expansion and distribution of willow plantations for bioenergy in Sweden: Lessons to be learned about the spread of energy crops. Biomass and bioenergy. Biomass and Bioenergy 34(4):442-448.[pre-print]

Other Academic Publications

RÖSER, D, ERKKILÄ, A, MOLA-YUDEGO, B, SIKANEN, L, PRINZ, R, HEIKKINEN, A, KAIPAINEN, H, ORAVAINEN, H, HILLEBRAND, K, EMER, B & VÄÄTAINEN, K. Natural drying methods to promote fuel quality enhancement of small energywood stems. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute. 186: 60 pp.[PDF]
SELKIMÄKI M, PRINZ R, MOLA-YUDEGO B, RÖSER D. 2010. Pellet market, raw materials, handling and logistics in Northern Periphery. PELLETime. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute. 157: 25 pp.[PDF]
ELLISON D, KOIVISTO A, MUTANEN A, MOLA B, GRITTEN D, VERKERK H, ELLINGSON L, LEWIS S, AREVALO J. 2009. Role of Forest Policy In Fighting Climate Change – Forest Policy Work Group Report. In: Karjalainen T, Lindner M, Niskanen A, Lier M. 2009. Fighting Climate Change: Adapting Forest Policy and Forest Management in Europe. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute. 135: 84 pp. [PDF]
MOLA-YUDEGO B. 2002. A comparison between National Forest Programmes of some EU member states. Swedish National Board of Forestry publications. Rapport 2002:10, 25pp. ISSN 1100-0295. [PDF]

Dissertationes Forestales

RÖSER D. 2012. Operational efficiency of forest energy supply chains in different operational environments. Dissertationes Forestales, 146. [Free PDF]
HÄRKÖNEN S. 2012. Estimating forest growth and carbon balance based on climate sensitive forest growth model and remote sensing data. Dissertationes Forestales, 138.[PDF]
HALDER P. 2011. Bioenergy knowledge, perceptions and attitudes among your citizens - from cross national surveys to conceptual model. Dissertationes Forestales, 135.[PDF]
MEI Q. 2011. Social climate of forest bioenergy development in China among forestry stakeholders. Dissertationes Forestales, 131.[PDF]
AREVALO J. 2011. International perceptions of university forestry education - an analysis of student motivation, competencies, and curricula. Dissertationes Forestales, 128.[PDF]
GRITTEN D. 2009. Facilitating resolution of forest conflicts through understanding the complexity of the relationship between forest industry and environmental groups. Dissertationes Forestales, 91.[PDF]
MOLA-YUDEGO B. 2009. Wood biomass production potential on agricultural lands in Northern Europe – achieving the goals of energy policy. Dissertationes Forestales, 84.[PDF]
SCHUCK A. 2009. Perspectives and limitations of Finnish higher forestry education in a unifying Europe. Dissertationes Forestales, 78.[PDF]


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