Bioenergy in China: Content analysis of news articles on Chinese professional internet platforms

The aim of this study is to discuss how information about the development and use of bio-energy is forwarded and disseminated to general public via the Chinese Internet. Furthermore, this study also explores in what manner the information of renewable energy policies is introduced.
A research method used in this study is content analysis. Altogether 19 energy related web platforms were found.
A thorough analysis was conducted by focusing on one of them: the The results of this study indicated that in China there is a tendency on the Internet to disseminate primarily the positive information about bio-energy with a great emphasis on its benefits. In addition, the study shows that when analyzing the content of the news articles, biogas and liquid bio-fuel will be the main bio-energy development drivers in China in the near future.

Published in: Energy Policy 37 (2009) 2300–2309


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