Wood-based bioenergy: Demand and supply trends in Europe

The current heated discussion regarding bioenergy utilization and markets raise a number of questions regarding forest-based biomass resources and how these should and could be utilized in Europe. However, it is seldom that the discussion points out what is the actual current forest based biomass resource in Europe, or how much of this resource is already utilized in energy consumption. Information is needed not only regarding the resources but also how these resources are turned into marketable and marketed products.

We have published the book "Wood-based bioenergy: Demand and supply trends in Europe" Silva Carelica 55, 2008.p.54.

This book has been produced in order to address the above named essential questions and issues when developing biomass utilization. Ultimately, the markets direct forest based fibers to those utilization forms which are the most efficient and thus can provide the best price. The University of Joensuu has been proactive regarding these critical issues and providing courses on biomass production and biomass policy and market issues for almost a decade, long before the bioenergy boom hit Europe and Finland. This book is a result of information and material collected during the courses, related seminars and research.


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