BioenergyGlossary, UBET and BioenergyWiki: web tools to learn more about bioenergy

The Faculty of Forestry, Joensuu and the Faculty of International Communication, Savonlinna of the University of Joensuu has developed BIOENERGY GLOSSARY as a joint project. Due to the young field of science, the information and definitions of BIOENERGY terms are not easily available in different languages. Therefore, through iterative consultation with students, faculties and bioenrgy experts, the glossary has been prepared in Finnish, German and Russian language. The glossary consists of four sections (biogas, greenhouse effect, Short rotation farming and wood-based fuels) and each section contains 50-100 terms. You will also find the instructions for the users of the bioenergy glossary.

Similarly, FAO has published UNIFIED BIOENERGY TERMINOLOGY (UBET) in 2004. This publication examines and reviews the terminology and definitions for woodfuels and other biofuels used in FAO, and in other major databases on biomass-based energy sources. It also proposes ways to improve the methodology for the definition, classification, compilation and presentation of biofuel data and information using the UBET.

BioenergyWiki is another freely available source of information.

Click the link and increase your knowledge on bioenergy terminologies.


  1. You may wish to refer also to the Unified Bioenergy Terminology (UBET)FAO had prepared in collaboration with IEA already back in 2oo1. You could find this publication in the Website under the FAO Forestry Department.
    Tara N. Bhattarai

  2. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will provide the link of Unified Bioenergy Terminology very soon!