Forest chips for energy in Europe: Current procurement methods and potentials

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DÍAZ-YAÑEZ O, MOLA-YUDEGO B, ANTTILA P, RÖSER D, ASIKAINEN A. 2013. Forest chips for energy in Europe: current procurement methods and potentials. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 21:562–571.

Forest  chips are becoming an important alternative resource for energy in  Europe. The aim of this study is to review and analyze the current  procurement methods and potentials of forest chips in Europe, based on  questionnaires sent to relevant experts in different countries as well  as a literature review of existing literature. The compilation of  current uses of wood chips and existing procurement methods was based on  data from several professionals in 17 countries. The analysis of the  forest chips potentials by countries combined data supplied by the  experts as well as additional sources based in the literature. The  results showed that Finland and Sweden use the largest volumes of forest  chips, and is expected that many other countries will experience a  significant increase in the use to produce energy. Currently, the main  source of forest chips in most of the countries are logging residues,  but in the near future it is expected a shift towards increasing  utilization of stumps and roundwood. In the EU, the estimates for  biomass potential for energy available under current conditions were  277 M m3, for above ground biomass and 585 M m3 for total biomass. The total long term potential is estimated to be 913 M m3.  The results of this study reveal that significant volumes of forest  chips are used in most of the selected countries for energy and the  experts consulted as well as the literature suggests that even larger  volumes can be mobilized and novel technology developed to improve the  efficiency of supply.

Keywords: Bioenergy; Energy Wood; Raw Materials; Biomass Resources

Supply chains. (A) Felling/cutting, (B) off-road transport, (C) chipping/crushing, (D) road transport.

Average estimates of forest wood biomass potentials in Europe (M m3). (a) Above ground biomass, current conditions, (b) total biomass, current conditions, (c) total biomass, highest potential.

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