Promoting forest education through the development of a mobile game for school kids

One of the outputs of the 2012-2013 HEI-ICI project Improving Forestry Education in Kenya carried out by the University of Eastern Finland and the Chepkoilel University in Kenya has been recently launched: the Android-based game EntVenture.The game, freely available at the GooglePlay Store, aims at increasing the awareness of the importance forests and forestry to the environment, economy and everyday life.
EntVenture is a quiz game where the character Ent guides the user through various forestry related topics such as managing a tree nursery, uses of different trees and the importance of forests for sustaining life. EntVenture also consists of three mini games within the game - a word search, picture puzzle and a balancing game. Below is a short video showing the reactions and feedback of Kenyan pupils on the game.

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